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heatherThe Living Word Foster Initiative is dedicated to bringing awareness to the Arizona Christian community that our orphans are in need.  You have probably seen the numbers from being on this web sight, or seeing a billboard, and that may have startled you.  There are many Christians that would want to help, but still don’t know of the need.  We have three primary directives, and many secondaries.  As for the primary directives, first we are focused on recruiting and maintaining families through our partner Agape.  Second, we also are raising donations to help with the many needs of fostering children by employing a program many of us are used to seeing, and that is sponsorship. The funds are to be used for simple things like luggage, toiletries, camp fees, sports fees, music lessons, and more.  A great organization we will be resourcing is AZ Friends of Foster Care. A third focus for us is to aid in the transition of foster children who are turning 18, and will need to leave the system.  We want to inspire them with their unlimited potential, train them for independent living, help them get a start, and tell them about Jesus Christ.  Of all the things that change a person’s thinking, and a person’s life, nothing can compare to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The Living Word Foster Initiative was born and operates in the Living Word Bible Church.  The Living Word Foster Initiative is simply the local church trying to make a state wide impact to help the fatherless.  Join us.

We do not have any employees to pay.  We operate on mostly volunteers.  The normal operating donations of the church body at the Living Word compensates the staffing that oversee this mission.  This means more dollars can be used for the children.  By operating out of a local church we have no bills.  None.  Phone bill?  No.  Rent?  No.  Because of this we are able to be incredibly efficient in helping the need in our state.  Join Us.

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At The Living Word, we know that your confidence is required, if we are to continue to make an impact with the foster children in Arizona in Jesus’ name. Living Word is registered with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, and each year our financial statements are prepared by an independent audit firm. Contributions to the ministry are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.