Thank You Partners

Thank you for your faithful support of the activities of the Living Word Foster Initiatives. We wanted to take some time to check in with you and give you an update on all we have accomplished over the last months since our last update.

I wanted to take some time to let you know a little bit about what’s taking place inside the Foster Initiative. At the Foster Initiative we really feel that we are making progress and gaining a strong footing by bringing some structures around our initiative and its’ activities. We are most excited about the work we are doing with children. As many of you know one of our greatest efforts gives the children we work with the tools they need to be successful in life. We have done a mighty work in this regard. I have been spending time at Sunshine Acres Children’s Home and have finished 8 Life Skills session and graduated 15 children.

During this same period, we were able to bring about 70 children to the Phoenix Suns game in two separate outings. The children had an amazing time; these children rarely have the opportunity to attend this type of event. We have also been able to raise some money through fundraising at the games in partnership with Phoenix Sun’s Charities while bringing awareness to the cause and plight of Foster Children in Arizona.

While talking about awareness, during May our goal was to give out 15,000 blue ribbons to bring awareness to Foster Care issues in the State Arizona. This cause brother and sisters is a cause worth standing behind. Moreover, during this period we also be working with Phoenix Mercury Community assist program to raise money, awareness and take 75 foster kids to game.

We continue to thank you and know that it is because of you that we are successful today in bringing awareness to the Arizona Christian Community about the challenges of the fatherless (motherless). You are the Living Word Foster Initiative. Your work and efforts will not go unnoticed by the God of our fathers. According to Deut 14:29 if we do not neglect the fatherless within our gates so that they may be satisfied, the Lord God may bless us and all the works of our hands”

Once again we thank you for your faithfulness and support for our efforts.

Pastor Jason Anderson
Living Word Bible Church